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In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Westinghouse is increasing the availability of our distance learning opportunities. Many of our training courses can now be delivered remotely, ranging from asynchronous online learning utilizing our Blackboard platform to synchronous learning via WebEx and live streaming technology.

We know that achieving and maintaining employee qualifications is critical to the continued production of electricity for our customers. Westinghouse is committed to delivering training in innovative, educationally sound ways to ensure qualified workers keep the power generation industry running strong.

Contact us today to discuss your training needs and how to meet them with Westinghouse’s distance learning technologies.

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Upcoming Courses
FEFT - Fuel Engineering Foundations
8/19/2024 - 8/27/2024
TH200 - Thermal-Hydraulic Design Methods - PWR
9/9/2024 - 9/13/2024
FR200 - Fuel Rod Design - PWR
9/9/2024 - 9/13/2024
ND200 - Focused RSAC/NDR
9/9/2024 - 9/20/2024
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