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Course: Introduction to BEACON Core Monitoring System (BCN100)

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BCN100 Introduction to BEACON Core Monitoring System
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N/A 10.0 Day(s)


The BEACONTM Core Monitoring System is a three-dimensional on-line core monitor that allows surveillance of core power distributions and thermal margins.  The BEACON Core Monitoring System can be used to predict core behavior and to analyze reactor core operations data and measured information.  BEACON Core Monitoring System is designed to provide core operational guidance based on the current core conditions.  BEACON Core Monitoring System is installed on a cost-effective engineering workstation computer with an interface to the plant computer and can be networked to provide consistent information to several sites.  This course will be in person at the Cranberry Woods site. 

Registration deadline July 7, 2023. 

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Student should represent an organization with a Westinghouse BEACON Core Monitoring System licensing agreement. 
Student should have basic familiarity with either reactor engineering or neutronics analysis. 
Please contact training coordinator with questions regarding these prerequisites or if you are unsure of your skill level. 


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