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Course: Focused RSAC/NDR (ND200)

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ND200 Focused RSAC/NDR
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N/A 10.0 Day(s)


ND200 covers the Westinghouse Reload Process in detail and provides step-by-step instructions on the various analyses which make up the Reload Process with a focus on Nuclear Design. The course will cover the nuclear design portion of each of the key phases of the reload process: fuel management, Reload Safety Analysis Checklist (RSAC), Nuclear Design Report (NDR), and Low Power Physics Testing (LPPT). The training will be performed with the current Westinghouse Neutronics code suite, NEXUS/ANC9, and cover introductory and advanced usage of the code system.
Registration deadline is August 12, 2022.

Course Schedule:

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Introduction to Fuel Management
  2. Overview of Loading Pattern Risk Assessment
  3. ND Model Development
  4. RSAC Items
    1. Peaking Factors
    2. Reactivity Coefficients
    3. Beta Effective
    4. Final Acceptance Criteria (FAC): CAOC/RAOC
    5. Accidents Related to Nuclear Design
      • Peaking Factors
      • Reactivity Coefficients
      • Beta Effective
      • Final Acceptance Criteria
      • Accidents Related to Nuclear Design
        1. Rodded Accidents
        2. Steamline Break (SLB)
        3. Locked Rotor
        4. Boron Dilution
        5. Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)
    6. NDR
      • Best Estimate Reactivity Coefficients, Peaking Factors, Power Distributions
      • Xe/Sm Worths
      • Generation of Plant Specific Tables/Figures
      • Shutdown Boron Concentrations

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