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Course: Fuel Engineering Foundations (FEFT)

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FEFT Fuel Engineering Foundations
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10295246 10.0 Day(s)

The course is a 10-day face-to-face foundations class for engineers entering the nuclear fuel industry in our Westinghouse Foundations Qualification Training program. It provides an excellent opportunity for professionals new to the industry to network with other engineers from Westinghouse facilities in the US and Sweden, other US utilities, and industry experts.     

Example modules are described below.    

This course is lecture based. Technical experts instruct and a broad overview of the Westinghouse PWR and BWR nuclear design processes is provided. Topics include:
  • General Reactor Theory and Operations
  • Nuclear design reload process overview
  • Nuclear design computer code overview
  • Peaking Factors (FQ, FDH, FZ, AO, FXY, WZ, PZ, etc) discussion
  • Nuclear Design Fuel Management
  • Techniques and Methods
  • Safety Calculations (Full Systems-level approach taken for all SAR accidents; WCAP-9272 application; Conditions 1-4 in addition to RSAC)
  • Systems training (Reactor Vessel, NI's, rod control, Main Coolant, PZR, Charging/letdown, Main Steam, Turbine, Steam Dump, Feed/Condensate, chemistry)   

Registration deadline is May 19, 2023.

 This course is planned to be in-person training but may be modified if necessary.

Course Schedule:

Day 1
Introduction to Westinghouse Fuel Engineering, Defense in Depth, Acceptance Criteria, RMPI, Nuclear Safety Culture, PWR Reload Process

Day 2
PWR Systems Overview (Westinghouse, CE, AP1000) & Tour: Blairsville Specialty Metals Plant

Day 3
Thermal Hydraulic Design, PWR Fuel Rod Design, Software Development, Setpoints, AP1000 Overview

Day 4
PWR LOCA Analysis, PWR Non-LOCA Analysis & Tour: Waltz Mill  

Day 5
Criticality Analysis, PWR CRA Analysis, Reload Project Management

Day 6
PWR Fuel Overview, WEC Fuel Design, Fuel Performance and Monitoring Overview

Day 7 
BWR Systems and Methods, BEACON Overview

Day 8
Licensing and Regulatory Requirements, US and Non-US Regulations & Tour: AP1000 Simulator

Day 9
Reactor Theory and Operation, Peaking Factors, PWR ND Design Codes, CE Design Features and Methods

Day 10
Fuel Management and Nuclear Fuel Economics

Note: Tours may be modified or cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions or manufacturing schedules.

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