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Fuel Data Management
TW100 - TracWorks® Fuel Data Management System Fundamentals
Minimum three students required. Please contact us for pricing and dates.
This standard three-day introductory training course will focus on providing an overview of the TracWorks® Fuel Data Management System. The training will have four major components: Inventory Management (receipt of new fuel, and movement of fuel throughout the plant, including dry storage, etc.) Fuel Properties Tracking (isotopic updates, burnups, obligations, etc.) Reporting (NMMSS required reporting and other Miscellaneous reports) Administrative Functions (Security features, System Maintenance, Item Characterization, Cask Management, etc.) This course will focus on providing the necessary training to use the TracWorks system for inventory tracking and reporting functions for managing inventory and reporting SNM safeguards information to the appropriate regulatory authorities. This combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training will be held on actual copies of customer databases, if possible, or on a generic testing database. Workshops will be provided to give students hands-on experience in the use of the TracWorks system.  Time will be allowed for questions about functions specific to the student’s plants. Minimum three students required. Registration deadline July 20, 2020


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