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ENG181 - ASME Code Familiarization
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The purpose of the course is to present the background and history of the ASME Code for boiler and pressure vessel design and construction. Specific attention is also paid to the organization and use of the Code. At the end of the course the attendees will be able to manipulate the ASME Code for their own application. Practical workshops are foreseen to enhance Code utilization.
ENG182 - Fracture Mechanics
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This course is designed to give engineers involved in design, analysis, maintenance and inspections a working knowledge of basic fracture mechanics. The subject matter presented will include the basic theory of fracture mechanics, as well as its application to fatigue crack growth and stress corrosion cracking. The course also includes a workshop, with examples of solved problems, as well as problems to be solved in class by the students. After these problems are solved, the proper answers will be reviewed and questions answered before proceeding. Another important aspect of the workshop will be an introduction to stress analysis techniques, which may include available programs for use on personal computers. Both theory and applications will be aimed at developing an understanding of the technology, to allow simple checks of others' work as well as capability to solve problems directly. Also included will be sources of material properties information and references for further study.


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