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Mechanical Design
FAIN100 - Introduction to Fuel Assembly Mechanical Design
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The FAIN100 course provides a source of detailed mechanical design information regarding the Westinghouse fuel assembly design and development with a focus on the Westinghouse NSSS PWR design. Other designs such as the CE fuel assembly design are also discussed but not to the same level of detail.  The training course is comprehensive and covers a number of different areas including the historical evolution of the Westinghouse fuel assembly design, the mechanical design of the Westinghouse fuel assemblies, which includes fuel arrays from the 14x14 to the 17x17 RFA-2 and 17x17 OFA fuel designs, as well as rod cluster control assemblies (RCCAs) and core components, such as thimble plugging devices and Wet Annular Burnable Absorbers (WABAs). The training course also covers the associated mechanical and thermal-hydraulic testing used to define fuel assembly properties, such as loss coefficients and grid crush values.  Specific computer codes used for the mechanical design analyses, including fuel assembly seismic and LOCA design analyses are also covered.  Lastly, the training covers details on the shipping containers used to transport the fuel and core components to plants around the world.


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