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Thermal Hydraulic Design
TH200 - Thermal-Hydraulic Design Methods - PWR
9/9/2024 - 9/13/2024 @ Cranberry Township

Prices are subject to change before 2024 course. Please contact WEC directly for final pricing and group pricing options.

Minimum class size is 3.  If more than 3 students register, this course may be offered at a reduced cost/seat.

This course provides participants with a thorough understanding of methods applied to the entire thermal-hydraulic (T/H) design process. Lectures and discussions focus on core hydraulics, core component analysis, Departure from Nucleate Boiling Ratio (DNBR) correlations and methods, setting and verifying core operational DNBR limits, T/H computer models, accident analysis, and reload methodology. Key Features and Benefits The Key Feature and Benefit associated with this Thermal-Hydraulic Design Methods course is that each course segment includes a complete discussion of the design requirements, codes, procedures, interfaces, and analytical methods used for thermal-hydraulic design. Registration deadline is August 9, 2024.


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